Terms & Conditions

  1. Event after the Signing of Proposal or Commencement of the Project
    • Project Postponed or Delay: If the project is delayed for more than 30 calendar days after with or without receiving notice from the Client. My Deadline Was Yesterday (hereinafter referred to as DWY) has the right to terminate and bill the Client for the amount of work done. The initial deposit amount will not be refunded.
    • Project Terminated: If the project is terminated, DWY has the right to bill the Client based on the amount of work done. In the event, if the initial non-refundable deposit has not been received by DWY, DWY will also be paid the initial non-refundable deposit due to the fact that this contract has been signed and accepted by the Client.
    • Project Termination by DWY: DWY reserves the right to terminate any existing work stated in this contract if the payment is not received on time.
  1. Change of Project Requirement
    • Any New/Change of project requirements during the project implementation phase will result in additional costs. DWY will communicate with the Client explicitly the cost and time required for each additional/change of project requirements before commencing implementation. A New/Change of Project Requirements form will be created by DWY and signed off by the Client.